The origins of Ca' Tullio Winery
Ca' Tullio: a story that begins in 1928

The origins of Ca' Tullio winery date back to the late nineteenth century and was to experience an astounding development in farming and winemaking in 1928, with the Tullio family.

Such was the economic significance of the estate for Aquileia that practically every family had at least one member working there.

The imposing four level farm building
became increasingly important for the stocking of fruit, vegetables and Kober selection grape rootstocks, as well as for grains and the drying of tobacco.

A bed of embers covered by metal sheets was used to heat the environment.

The leaves of the tobacco plant thus dehydrated and were then hung in long rows of hanging ropes.



In 1990 Mr. Walter Calligaris bought the building and turned it into a winery.


At the helm of the Company today is the Calligari's Family with his son Paolo and grandsons Giacomo and Emanuele.


Traditional materials such as wood and bricks, combined with an exposed burnished steel structure, have now become one of the rare examples of industrial archeology in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The winery is mentioned in the official guide of interesting sites published by the regional tourist board Turismo FVG, as one of the most beautiful must-visit places in the region.


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