"Immerse yourself
in the atmosphere
of the ancient Roman Aquileia"

Vini Ca'Tullio


The Roman Taberna,where the ancient Roman families
would serve delicacies and specialities to their guests,
who lay on a Triclinium, entertaining them with music and dances.
The atmosphere of this room is warm and alluring,
enriched by precious curtains and the imposing marble counter, the Termopolium,
where jugs filled with wine, and various spices
are displayed for the pleasure of the guests:
a perfect backdrop for an exciting experience.

A dimly lit, mystical setting,
for thousands of amphorae, and lines of some beautiful epigrams on wine
composed by Catullus, Martial and Horatiusfinely inscribed on a Pompeiian red tinted wall: 'The wall of poets'.

"An exciting insight into a truly charming environment"

An experience enjoyable by everybody: school children, students, adults
and basically anyone who want to learn about age-old winegrowing tradition of Aquileia, our history and our wines.