"Our vineyards cover several terroirs within the DOC Friuli Aquileia and DOC Friuli Colli Orientali areas.
Different terroirs indeed, that share a unique culture,
which is all about tradition and strong attachment to the land"
This region in the north-east of Italy, squeezed between the Upper Adriatic and the Carnic and Julian Alps,
presents an incredible variety of soils. Indeed, in the same plot of land you can have patches of yellow marls with
alternate streaks of pebbles and dark clay with sand.


The DOC Friuli Aquileia area Is affected by a favourable microclimate
and geographical position: the Julian Alps in the background defend the vines from the cold winds that
blow from the North,while the Adriatic Sea bordering on side
or the area mitigates the temperatures, which drop below zero for very brief periods of the year.


The area of the DOC Friuli Colli Orientali includes the range
of hill in the Province of Udine. The wines produced in this area are the result of a unique combination of
soil, climate and grape variety.

"These very favourable pedoclimatic conditions have allowed
these native varieties to flourish"
The native varieties as well as those imported to the area that found the most suitable pedoclimatic conditions in the Colli Orientali area,
have been cultivated since unmemorable times,
yielding wines of excellencein terms of quality.